Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the Campaign Trail

Veevs decided this week that we needed a House President. She decreed, with dictator-like certainty, that our House President should be determined via a democratic vote. Shortly after her decree, these campaign posters were found on the refrigerator.

She is very cute. And also, quite the bike rider.

She is not above a little bit of dirty politics, however. Does Spe know how to read? I think she's implying a general unfitness for duty based on a lack of literacy.

This strategy may have backfired on her. When I saw this, I pledged my vote to Spe. Spe, by the way, was completely uninterested in the outcome of the election. He may have to watch out for a coup d'etat. The delicious taste of power is still in Veev's mouth. There's no telling what she'll do.


Jen said...

Does she truly like math so much? A dictator who loved math would be great and terrible indeed.

Andrea Hardman said...

HAHAHA! (I don't believe in ROLF or LOL. Except for polite laughter) She's cracking me up. Gotta bring in the hubs for this one.

Claire said...

Andrea's right - I HATE ROFL and LOL. But I really did laugh out loud!

What is ivy's take on ROFL and LOL? She could bring in a couple of swing voters..

Celia and Scott said...

Will you adopt me? Awesome stuff happens at your house.