Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Irish Holiday

I love St. Patrick's Day as much as the next non-Irish person. Rhett always claims Irish, but I'm not sure how, since his family history stalled out in Boston with a woman of loose morals (read: prostitute). But he claims his beard can't be that red (his hair is dark brown, but his beard really is Irish red) without a little bit of Irish somewhere in him.

We celebrated in the way that we always do: green milk, courtesy of those naughty, mischievous leprechauns. We also usually have a treasure hunt for a pot of gold (read: golden wrapped Rolos and peanut butter cups) but I forgot to get those at the store, so we did that the day after. I told my kids the leprechauns were too drunk the day before to stop by, but that they would be sure to come by after their hangovers wore off (kidding!).

So today was the day of the treasure hunt. The kids were thrilled to find the candies in the bottom of my laundry hamper, wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a green ribbon. Jakers was so thrilled that he ate all of his candy right then, before breakfast. You guys, I gave them a lot of candy, too. Like a cantaloupe-sized package of golden chocolates. That kid has my genetic disposition for chocolate, and I couldn't help but respect him a little more for his ability to pound it down with no stomach ache.

It ended in disaster, however, as all my good mothering intentions do, when Jakers then proceeded to sneak into Veev's room and eat all the candy that she had. Drama, tears, wild accusations, and a call to the leprechauns to deliver some more candy (read: Rhett, who had taken the extra candy to work with him so as not to derail my why-the-hell-do-I-still-look-six-months-pregnant-diet and who also laughed and laughed and laughed when I told him of the not-funny-at-all incident) ensued.

When Rhett returned home, Veevs shared out a piece of candy to Spe, but I forbade Jakers from having any more as he had probably eaten his weight worth in candy already. More tears, drama, wild accusations, etc.

Happy freaking St. Patrick's Day everyone. Erin Go Bragh and all that stuff. Somehow it seemed a lot like every other day around here.


Sara said...

our leprechauns were drunk too:) and we must be following the same diet... how long is the excuse "i just had a baby" legit? four months, four years... totally dude.

Claire said...

I think the scots are probably the only people that don't 'celebrate' St Patrick's day.

We have too many other days of the year to be drunk.

Andrea Hardman said...

The Leprechans were late at our house, too. I even helped set up the trap out on the porch the night before. When it wasn't sprung in the morning, I assured them that they leprechans had until 10:00 our time because it was still St. Patricks day in Ireland. At our house, the leprechans must hang with that ever late tooth fairy who frequently straggles in durring breakfast.

Tammy said...

I liked your post, it just made me laugh. You are so very funny, I love it.

katie and co. said...

LOL--Oh I've missed checking in! :)