Monday, February 2, 2009


I've started this post about twenty times, but I just don't have anything to say. You want to hear about my kids' eye colds? Yeah, me neither.

You want to hear about how I'm watching The Bachelor, Rhett's favorite show, without him? Yeah, it's not that thrilling. He'll be disappointed because there aren't any totally crazy ladies left. Oh, wait--the hometown dates next week do look awesome! Unexpected craziness!

You want to hear about what I did today? Let's see, I did laundry. I played games with my kids. I did the dishes. I made dinner. I read books to my kids and sent them to bed at 7:00.

You guys, I live a glamorous life. Don't be jealous.


D said...

Wish I could send my kids to bed at 7. DH makes me keep them up later so he can see them. So they end up taking late naps and then staying up until 9 or 10. Sounds like a glamorous life to me.

amelia said...

Oh, The Bachelor. I LOVE IT. Now that Stephanie is gone, who will bedazzle Tai?

Carol said...

Sounds like you're living my life actually.

I particularly like the days like today yesterday when I didn't even bother to get dressed.

True glamour.

wendy said...

I personally like your "simple glamour style" Some days are diamonds and some days are stone...but meaningfull none the less. (that sounded a little deep and I am sooooo NOT a deep person)

Cynthia said...

I used to feel bad about telling my husband about my day. It was full of reading books to the kids, napping with them, cooking. . . etc. Nothing exciting to write about, but I wasn't up in a hot attic putting a fire sprinkler system together like he was. My days were slow, kind of boring, but they were all mine. Who wouldn't be jealous of playing games and reading?

Claire said...

It's my life. I'm feeling a real pressure to tell lies though, and pretend that my life doesn't just consist of laundry, dirty bots, housework, and the occasional tapping on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, not jealous at all.

Jen said...

At least you have fostered a resistance against the Crappy Disney Princess Franchise. Fomenting rebellion counts as something.

We have not yet aspired to "stick it to the royalty," as it were. We have an unfortunate pink princess cell phone that has entrapped the girl's fancy.