Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the Beach: A Photo Frenzy

Something very funky is happening with my font, but I'm too lazy to fix it, so just read and pretend everything is normal. Borrow this coping mechanism from me, if you must.

We recently pulled Veevs out of school for a week and vacationed on the beach in Florida (yes, the same beach that is now imperiled by the oil spill--damn you, BP!) It was on this trip that I discovered Rhett had never taken a real beach vacation--the kind where you stay at the beach for hours, every day. He was quite taken with the beach.

Unfortunately, he was not so taken with the beach that he tried to dress attractively for the occasion. When he came out sporting these shorts, knee-high socks and brown tennis shoes, I raised my eyebrows and said, "Really?" He reminded me it was his vacation, too. Whatever.
We rented bikes and rode around on the bike trails. The kids sat on the back. Spe made the time pass by pinching his driver's bum. Jakers made the time pass by dragging his feet on the wheel, and baby Logan passed the time by vomiting all over himself (but he loved it!).

I could eat this baby. And quite honestly, I think I could eat two pounds off of him, and he'd be no worse for the wear. So chubby!

We vacationed with some of our best friends who moved away recently, whom we still miss fiercely. Jacob and their son were all up in each other's business pretty much the whole time just to prove that a two-year-old and a three-year-old don't know how to share, be friends, or use soft voices. As if we needed that theory tested.

Fun was had by all. You will note that there are no pictures of me here. This is because this is my blog, and I just had a baby four months ago, and back off, OKAY? Imagine me tall, willowy, and tan. Because reality bites.


Jordan and Lindsey Ohlson said...

Those Hadley kids are too adorable! And if I didn't know better your husband is wearing baby number four in a sling. Are you starting to practice attached- parenting?

Heidi said...

Oh, MoJo, you know better than that. I'm practicing UNattached parenting. Which means that Rhett gets the baby for a good portion of the time.

Adrienne said...

I will picture you tall, willowy and tan if you will reciprocate!! (and I haven't had a baby in 5 years!)

Adrienne said...

(cousin Adrienne)
LAUGH OUT LOUD's been too long since I read your blog. hilarious....esp the reality bites comment.
And ps. Jim just went to Maui with his brothers and when we all got to lovingly watch his home video footage, he was in shorts, BLACK socks, and sneakers the entire time. least I wasn't the one hiking next to him.