Monday, August 29, 2011

Laidback Parenting

I have a friend who is maybe slightly neurotic (her words, not mine--because you know I use tactful phrasing like "careful parenting" to describe her actions). The other night we were visiting and she shared the story (I don't think she'll mind me sharing this with you) about the time her children were found playing with a dead bird and she freaked out a little bit and called the Center for Disease Control, informed them that her children probably had bird flu, and then saved the bird in a Ziploc bag so that appropriate testing could be done should her children suddenly be struck down.

(This sounds extreme, but I am reminded that she and her family were single-handedly responsible for introducing swine flu to the state of Idaho, so maybe she's justified?)

I think the difference in our parenting styles could best be expressed by the fact that my reaction to finding my children playing with a dead bird would probably be, "Okay, guys, two more minutes with that dead bird and then we need to throw it away."

And you?


Jessica said...

I'm somewhere in between, I guess. I would immediately confiscate the bird and wash hands (more than once) but that would be about it. I would be more grossed out if they picked up a piece of dog poop or something, though.

Wendie said...

Last time my kids found a dead animal I had to say....Haven't I taught you anything? when you cut it open only touch the insides with a stick! and put a cardboard box under it, your dad will be home soon.

Kelley said...

after dry heaving i'd draw up a clorox bath. i'd make sure the water was warm.

Jen said...

We just had one on our porch, actually. I asked my husband to take care of it, so he kicked it off of the porch.