Monday, September 5, 2011

Rhett and I have a new deal going: we're going to start assuming that neither of us are very good mind readers. When I put it like that, it seems stupid, like, of course, neither of you are talented enough to be mind readers, but when you've been married for elevenish years you start to think that you can stop actually telling your spouse what you're thinking because shouldn't they know by now? If they loved you? Really?

Turns out, no, Rhett still can't read my mind. And vice versa. This has become exceptionally apparent because we are making a final push to get everything organized (read: unpacked) in this house (it's only been four months!) and our priorities are clearly different. Because I am roughly the size and usefulness of a beached whale, a lot of what needs to get done (hauling heavy stuff, hanging pictures, transforming closets with shelving, etc.) is firmly on Rhett's to-do list.

Unfortunately I assume he knows what is on his to-do list. He does not. So I get mad. He gets frustrated. The kids run wild (That's not actually related, just regular Hadley madness). Finally he turned to me the other day and said, "So why don't you just tell me exactly what you want me to do today?"

It's totally solved our problems. Mostly. I mean, there's still the problem of me being a crazy, bossy wife, but that can wait for another elevenish years.


Melissa Bastow said...

I have no problem telling my spouse what to do. I'm very clear in that I don't expect him to, even a little bit, read my mind because I'm busy saying it all out loud, and sometimes very loudly, and most of the time more than once. But he still doesn't do what I want. Any suggestions for that?

carl b smith and marilyn said...

Where do we stand when we can tell each other what we want the other to do and we still don't understand what it is? Just wondering.

Jen said...

I like this system. I think we should implement it in our house.

Also, if Alex would hurry and finish his schooling that would help things, too.

Heidi said...

Jen. Don't get me started on schooling. I finally told Rhett if he did one more degree he would do it with a new wife.