Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Capitalism

Saturday is our kids' payday at our house (It is also the day wherein you can hear Rhett say, "Dollah, dollah bills, y'all" over and over and over. No, that's not annoying at all, but thanks for asking.).

We love our money (or monies, if you ask Jakers). So much so that we like to raise monuments to capitalism.
In this photo, Jakers shows how, with a little help from taxpayers everywhere, risky assets can be managed effectively. It'll turn out fine, don't worry!

Spe wants you to know that banking can be very, very sexy.
Veevs, true to form, is using a more conservative model of banking. See, you can still build and expand with some funds, but keep most of your capital in reserve. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?Dammit, Jakers! Your shady schemes have caused this house of cards to fall down. There's a run on the bank! Quick, call the FDIC!

Don't blame Logan for this whole mess. He's a socialist.

A naked, chubby, happy socialist.


Tammy said...

As always, you make me laugh. I love that. Love that naked baby pic too, nothing better than naked baby pics--too cute.

Marie said...

Just caught up on the blog! Hilarious!!!! We miss you guys like crazy. Oh, and you shouldn't have sent that card! Hugs and Kisses.....

Ginnie Kimball said...

Ivy looks so different to me. It has been way too long since we have seen you guys. I miss you.