Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrations! and Others . . .

I don't know if you've noticed, but pregnancy, as a state of being makes me turn decidedly inward. I just don't feel the need to connect with other human beings as I do when I am not lugging around another human being inside of me. I remember when we first moved here to Texas, I found out the week before we moved that I was pregnant. I remember sitting in church on Sundays thinking, No, don't sit by me. Keep walking. I don't really want a friend right now. The idea of making small talk and being chipper and upbeat is just too much work for me. As a sidenote, these negative vibes worked pretty much throughout my whole pregnancy. I didn't make a single friend until after I had given birth.

But today there are a number of things to celebrate:

1) I finished my most pressing item of homework with time to spare for a nap before I go and fetch the kids from school. Sure, sure, I could complete less pressing items of homework and get ahead of the game. But that would mean that I would have to completely change my personality.

2) I also remembered that I had hidden a package of Grasshopper Fudge cookies in my cupboard. They aren't all gone yet, but thanks for thinking that might be a possibility (it really is a possibility, you know).

3) Veevs is reading Little House in the Big Woods. This gives me all sorts of nostalgic joy that I can't even begin to express.

4) I am starting to nest. If you think this means that my house is clean, you would be wrong. What it means is that I pull out all the contents of random cupboards, half organize them, lose the energy that I had, and leave half of the contents on the floor/counter. You're welcome, Rhett. But I like nesting because it leaves me feeling like I've accomplished something.

HOWEVER, there are also a number of non-celebrations that we can just file under "Other" in an attempt to be positive and chipper (I'm not):

1) I am large with this pregnancy. REALLY LARGE. So large, in fact, that my hips go to sleep after fifteen minutes of resting. So I'm up constantly at night.

2) My house. Oy vey. My house. (And it's only partly because of the half-organized cupboards that have found themselves emptied on to the floor/counter.)

3) My sense of humor. Where has it gone? Seriously, I can't imagine why I ever thought I had one in the first place. This brings me back to why my postings have been so infrequent and so frequently unfunny--I just don't have it in me to be funny these days. I'm not even sure I can muster mildly amusing.

4) This baby is an iron-sucking monster. I have been more anemically challenged by this child than any other child, and quite frankly, some days I feel good if I only take two naps. Because three naps a day is not an unheard of phenomenon around here. My doctor called me to let me know I was iron-deficient after my last blood test. I was so relieved! I just thought that my inherent laziness was overcoming all my other good qualities.

So now, having done my duty by my blog, I'm off to nap/celebrate/other.

And now you know what I mean by unfunny blogging.


Jillybean said...

There's nothing better than suddenly remembering that you've hidden cookies somewhere.

A few weeks ago, I decided that we were going to clean out the storage room. We got all the stuff moved out into the family room and then ..............

The good news is that the storage room is still really clean.

Karen said...

Hope you feel better soon. And who cares about housework?

Ashley Hinckley said...

Ok Mrs. Hadley, (I can't call you by your first name yet, it still just feels unnatural) I have just spent about the last hour devouring your posts and laughing like crazy. During that hour or so, I should have been doing homework but I must say that I have loved perusing your blog just as much as perusing a good book. But, I have to tell you that reading your posts about your old honors classes brings back a plethora of good memories, and one very very bad one. We were reading the Odyssey and we were supposed to summarize the chapters on little pink cards and turn them in. Me, being the slacker I sometimes was, had not filled out my card and quickly attempted to copy my neighbors as we were passing them forward. You walked up to me and leaned over me a bit and said "What are you doing?" in a bone chilling voice. I was such a goody two shoes that being in trouble left me speechless. You proceeded to take my card and in a gentle but quite threatening voice said "Never do that again, ok?" with a little umph on the ok part. You have always been my favorite teacher despite your capability to produce such icy looks and I look forward to frequently avoiding my English homework while nosing through your hilarious blog.

Jen said...

You are still the best.

Claire said...

At least you have an excuse for having half emptied cupboards, being LARGE, tired, lazy, unfunny.

i'm not pregnant, but i flippin' well have all of these attributes.

At least, i hope i'm not preggers. I can't be bothered.