Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Insult to Injury

We don't have cable. First, Rhett is too cheap to get cable, but also really? Like we can't waste enough time on our own? This means that when the big digital switchover came it totally doubled the number of channels we received. My kids previously only had PBSKids to watch, but now they have Qubo (?). The only drawback is that Qubo has commercials.

The other day I was flat-ironing my hair and Veevs said, "Why are you using that flat iron? It just crushes and burns your hair. You need the Instastyler--it locks moisture into your hair."


Bump-its (Bumpitz? Bumpits? Bump-itz? I clearly have not been paying enough attention!) have become kind of a family joke.

The other day Rhett said jokingly to me, "Hey, Heids, I saw they are selling Bump-its at the Wal-Mart now. I was going to pick you up some."

Spe asked, "Why does Mom want Bump-its?"

Veevs replied confidently, "Because she has flat hair, Spe."

Apparently I'm now lazy and flat-haired. What else is that girl thinking about me?


JustRandi said...

Ooooo! I hope she orders you that Perfect Brownie Maker. I keep wanting to know if it really works!

Jillybean said...

I'm with Randi, I want the perfect brownie maker too.
Saturday my kids spent two hours watching infomercials on that same station. (yes, I think they might just need a few more chores) My 9 year old has asked if he can have the Shark steam cleaner for Christmas, and they all think that the Magic bullet would be really cool to have because "it's something we could see ourselves using every day!" (direct quote from the infomercial)

So, did he ever get you the bumpit?

julie said...

We totally experienced the same thing with the digital switch! Going from 2 fuzzy channels to like 12 clear ones made it feel like we suddenly had cable. Now I'm hooked on new shows, the Mentalist being one of them. I'm with Rhett - I'm way to cheap to pay for cable.

Sarbear said...

My son totally soaks in those infomercials. After I dropped my cell phone I needed the cell phone clip thingy. Both of my boys really want those shoe things that would let them slide on the carpet. We just love qubo!

Chief said...

Has anyone ordered the SHAMWOW!

Jessica said...

My son did this when he started watching Nick Jr. Now I'm constantly hearing that we should use OxyClean and Dawn, and that he needs a Snuggie. He tells me to use Bumpits, too, so you're not alone there. And he has asked for the Instyler. For himself.

Jennifer said...

ha ha. same here. My kids want the "touch n' brush".

I want the sham wow, too! They sell it at wal-mart now, but I heard from a friend of a friend that they don't really work.

Marie Loves Ben said...

you are funny. thank you.

Claire said...

I just LOVE your family. They make me laugh. Those bump its are shocking! And anyway - isn't it cook to have flat hair? I thought big hair was too 'The Bold and the Beautiful'... though now that I've thought about that, I'd like to be both bold and beautiful.

Get Ivy to post me some bumpits. Pronto.

Bloggin Betty said...

I seriously think they use subliminal messaging on PBSkids. At least on Barney. My kid has been a bottomless pit since the Lebanese food episode.