Friday, April 10, 2009

My Newest, Cleverest, Interactive Idea

So, here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking it's time for you to be a little more interactive with the content of this blog.

So, you know my ongoing series of topical blogs? What? You didn't know I had an ongoing series of topical blogs? Well, actually neither did I, but then I noticed that when I'm lazy I just title a blog "On _________," and it's turned out pretty awesome. For example, this series includes On Chickens, On Rain, and of course the previous post, On Barbie.

Maybe it's not exactly awesome, but it's all I've got, people. So here's what I'm thinking: in the comment section give me your top three choices for the next "On ______" blog that I should write. I plan on doing a bunch of these, because really, have you seen my life? Not exactly rich writing material these days.

Here's what you'll get in return: I will visit your blog and comment! (I know I'm not so good at that lately) And I will write honestly about my opinion/experience with your topic and I'll link to you at the beginning/end of the post. So make 'em good, okay? The prizes available here rival any giveaway I've seen anywhere. Right?

Does that sound super bossy, or what? Well, now you know how Rhett feels.


julie said...

Okay, Heidi, here are three things on which I'm dying to hear your thoughts:
1. On Romance
2. On Lost (the TV show)
3. On The Octomom
Can you handle those?

Michelle Walkenhorst said...

1. On Goats
2. On Musicals
3. On Trampolines

Andrea Hardman said...

1. On Raw Milk
2. On Alternative Medicine
3. On Health Insurance Companies and their sadistic, power-trippin' phone reps. (can you tell my eye is twitching?, yeah, it's obvious)

Bisel Family said...

1. On AFG Counselors (shameless plug?)
2. On Obama
3. On Camping

joolee said...

1. On co-sleeping
2. On peeing with the door open
3. On hiding junk food

Jen said...

On flippy hair
On flippy skirts
On flippy shoes

Carol said...

Oh Heidi I could read posts like these from you all the day long. I love a good insight into your mind. It is a fascinating place.

On highschool
On being one of 8 kids
On bad grammar

Karen said...

On kids and cellphones
On driving with cellphones
On people using cellphones in public places

Do you see a trend?

Katie Irion said...

Okay, Hides, do your best:
1. On reality shows (if you could focus this one on completely non-talented ones like anything on Bravo, America's Next Top Model or like Rock of Love, or Van of Love, or whatever Bret Micheals and his slutsville entourage are up to)
2. On muffin tops (Not the food but the flesh)
3. On fake boobies

Hmm, just waiting for the comments to start rolling in.

JustRandi said...

OK, Heidi- Here ya go!
1) On Twizzlers vs Red Vines
2) On Panty Hose
3) On going bra-less

And give me a few days. The post I've got up there today isn't a super-fun one for comments. I mean, feel free to come by, but...

The Rookie said...

On Dasher
On Dancer
On Prancer
On Vixen
On Comet
On Cupid
On Donner
On Blitzen

It is all I've got. I can't handle the pressure! Choose your top three. Yes, I AM on Spring Break and because of this my brain is turned to an off position.

Gale said...

1. On Celebrities and their parenting style (or lack thereof).

2. On Celebrities and their choices of names for their children.

These two could really be one. You would think because of my choice I am somehow celebrity obsessed but I don't follow anything Hollywood. I just notice that everytime I do hear something about the rich and famous I think, wow these are crazy people.

ambsace said...

1) on fantasy/science-fiction
2) on boogers (possbily including the debate on wiping vs. balling up between thumb and forefinger for the flick)
3) on public breast-feeding

...although, i suppose i might also second musicals.

Heather of the EO said...


On The Bachelor (or any reality show of your choice)

My mind is now blank. So, um...

On birth order...
Sorry, I don't know.

Shawn said...

1. On being flaccid.
2. On diarrehea. (dang---don't know how to spell it!)
3. On Golden Pond.

I have no more to say.

Anonymous said...

On Bob Marley's influence...
On shoving your bra under the couch cushions for a more comfy nap-time experience...
On losing your wedding ring but not being able to admit it and then referring to it as just being misplaced and not actually lost which is complete BS...

Anonymous said...

How about
On Dennis Rodman?
On Joan Rivers?
On Dennis Rodman and Joan Rivers on Celebrity Apprentice?
I'm thinking that last anonymous person before this anonymous person was Rhett. Am I correct?

amelia said...

1. On Las Vegas
2. On Britney Spears
3. On toe rings

bill, katie, and co. said...

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing at all these ideas! You have your work cut out for you, Girl! These are great! Can't wait to read what you have to say...

Amy K said...

Okay Heids, here are my thoughts...
I want to know what you think about

-The brady bunch, including their musical talents.
-The important messages and things you can learn from Nancy Drew.
-Disco music. It scarily really can make you happy!

Josh said...

On that hilarious girl in your class. I love her.

Cynthia said...

On next door neighbors.
On singing in the shower.
On road trips.

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